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I will describe the life in Russia, how to learn Russian and more other fun things about my country.

Updated Weekly

I do my best in order to publish at least one articles per week to give you the best quality of contents.

Who am I ?

I am Lukas and in this Blog you will learn everything about Russia

I decided to create this blog in order to share my knowledge about Russia, I am currently a Russian professor in High School and i will give you some tips in order to also learn how to speak Russian.

What are the themes of this blog ?

Language Stay

Want to know the best places to stay ? To read about people stories in Russia ? 

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Learn russian

If you want excercices and tips about Learning Russian

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Brain-based learning

The brain Based Learning is an emerging method that i use a lot.

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Digital learning

Digital learning is one of the most used actually

If you want advice and guide about it

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Why learning Russian ?

One of the biggest country in the world

More than 140 million people in Russia and 300 million in the former USSR use Russian as a language of communication.

One of the biggest market in the world

Russia represents a colossal and growing market of opportunities for business people. And this, in all fields (economy, food processing, law, science, technology, space, medical, cultural cooperation)

Latest articles from our blog

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