So you have chosen to learn the Russian language. You may have come with complete confidence over your abilities, but you should realize that it is not the easiest of languages to learn. However, that does not mean you should give up on yourself. A few tips and tricks can help you achieve your language learning goals, 



The top ways when aiming to acquire the language of Russia 


Start small 

At this point, you are a beginner. Even though learning a new language on its own can be quite the challenge itself, that doesn’t mean you cannot complete it. Start small by making a list of objectives you want to achieve in a week. You can start by learning the Cyrillic Alphabet. 


Take notice of all the alphabets you can learn in a week and practice religiously. In the end, take a test to see how far you’ve come along. If you still struggle by the end, do not be hard on yourself. Instead, focus on the good and keep pushing yourself to do the rest. 


Listen at night 

It was proven that if you listen to something on repeat as you sleep, your subconscious registers it in the brain and helps you learn it faster. You can use this technique when trying to learn Russian. Find an audio guide of the words you wish to learn and go to sleep with it on your headphones. It can help you memorize your goals in the language faster. 


Watch Russian shows or movies. 

Another great tip to practice the Russian accent is to watch their shows or movies. You can watch with English subtitles so that you can also learn how to say what. Watching a movie will help you enhance your Russian accent by practicing a dialect similar to the actors. 



As discussed, these tips can significantly help you to grasp the Russian language much faster. 



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